U-clips is a cut to a certain length clip tape. This segment of the clip tape (Clip) can be of any length. The clip can have a direct shape, or it can be shaped in the form of the English letter U in order to facilitate the manual use of U-clips to close the bags.

This type of packaging material, fully prepared for use, is ideal for use in industries that do not have a packaging apparatus. U-clips can be easily applied using manual labor.

U-clips are ideal for packaging products such as:
  • Tea / coffee bag closures (clips for tea / coffee bags);
  • Packages of small-sized confectionery and bakery products.
Specifications :
  • Width - 7.8 mm;
  • Length - from 5 cm to 20 cm;
  • Colors available - white, yellow, red, orange, green, gold. Any other colors are available on request.