The type of packaging material (bonding material) made of polypropylene is reinforced with one steel wire in the middle. This type of packaging material is ideal for packaging products of such industries as bakery, confectionery, pasta. Also, it can be successfully used for linking, packaging consumer goods (candles, cables, cosmetic products, etc.).

  • The width of the twistband is 2,80 ±0,2 mm
  • The thickness of the wire is from 0.4 mm to 0.5 mm. (0.4 mm, 0.42 mm, 0.5 mm);
  • The length of the roller is 500 m. Or 1000 m.
  • Colors in constant availability - white, yellow, red. Production of any other color is possible.
EXCLUSIVE OFFER - TWO-WIRE TWIST TAPE TAPE. Differs in the increased durability. Ideal for linking industrial products. It is made to order.