"Clip Tape Company" LLC is a Russian company engaged in the production and sale of products based on plastic and metal wire since 2011: clip-tapes, twist-tapes (twisted tapes), u-clips.

This product is intended for packaging bakery products, as well as other food and consumer goods using the clipping method, both using packaging equipment and manually.

The second direction of the company is the production of a nasal retainer for the manufacture of medical masks. We make a fixer both from plastic with a steel wire inside and without a wire - a wireless nose lock.

The list of products manufactured by our company:
  • Clip band
  • Twist band
  • U-clips
  • Nose clip for medical masks

The company's own production enterprise is located in the Leningrad region. Our company is equipped with high-tech European production equipment, which allows us to produce quality products for a wide range of industries.

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